Epic Fitness Center

Epic Fitness Center Cycling Studio

What to Expect

Epic Fitness Center provides new, safe, equipment in a bright open space (except for in our cycling / rower studio which is dark as night).

When You Arrive

If you are attending a class, please show up 5-10 minutes early to get setup and oriented. In cycling classes, our instructors will help you adjust the bike for your safety and comfort. If you have any health issues, let the group leader know when you sign in.

Bring a water bottle. We have a water station for filling reusable water bottles. We recommend bike-style bottles with a closable lid. We ask you not to bring food or drink besides water into the gym.

Eat a light snack about an hour before class. A heavy meal will probably not sit well.

Wear something light, stretchy and non-binding. Bike shorts or leggings are very acceptable for indoor cycling.

Bring clean gym shoes that you only wear inside. We have space for your wet, dirty street shoes. Our bikes have toe straps for gym shoes and Shimano-style SPD cleats if you prefer to wear bike shoes.

For indoor cycling classes, bring a small sweat towel. If you do not have one we have some available.

When you arrive, please put your phone on Do Not Disturb mode. You can keep it in your locker. This is for the enjoyment of yourself and others. If you have a babysitter or have some other reason you need to keep it on you and enabled, please put it on vibrate and inform the group leader if you are in a class.

If you have to cancel, you may do so up to a half hour before class starts without penalty on the MindBody website or in the MindBody app for iPhone or Android. Within a half hour of class, cancellations will be charged or count as attended on a punch pass.

We provide an optional towel service for shower towels for an additional fee. Sweat towels for class are provided free of charge.