Epic Fitness Center

Epic Fitness Center

Epic Coach Emily Danza was on the Italian Development Alpine Ski Team. She coached BSF alpine ski racers for 4 years and loves running and mountain biking.

Summer Camps for Girls

Epic Fitness Center is offering sport performance camps for active girls ages 9 and up. Our mission is to improve sports performance by creating activities that emphasize proper body mechanics and kid-safe workout progression. Our camps are supervised by an experienced team including a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a Sports and Performance Psychologist, certified strength coaches and experienced personal trainers that all have experienced how healthy movement creates healthy kids.

We want girls to feel comfortable and confident and to stay mentally and physically fit. These camps will provide creative ideas for feeling comfortable and STRONG on a day-to-day basis. Lots of giggles, while working out and feeling great!

Camps will run from 9am to 12pm, Monday to Friday, of each week they are offered. Camp dates are June 10-14, July 8-12 and August 5-9. Sign your girls up for one or all the camps! Cost is $150 per camper per week. Email us with inquiries.

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