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Epic Fitness Center small group class

Small Group Exercise Classes

Group exercise classes at Epic Fitness Center utilize functional movements — movements that incorporate more than one muscle group, plane of movement, and joint — with a basis in the biomechanics of real-world situations. These classes are designed and taught in such a way that accommodates a wide range of existing individual fitness, flexibility and strength.

Type-2 Fun

Anything goes in this high-energy training class, which combines cardiovascular circuit, HIIT, core stabilization, and body-weight strength training for an invigorating, total body workout. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a hard-core competitor, this class will challenge you to push your limits. 60 minutes.

Epic Lite

Epic Lite provides a lower intensity, low impact option for those looking to improve balance, stability and overall fitness. If you are looking for a small group setting with a gentler approach, Epic Lite is a great place to start. Classes limited to 6 participants so please sign up online in advance. All ages and abilities. 45 minutes.

Epic Condition

Ready for a fun and challenging workout with focused instruction? Let us help you perform at your best by adding dynamic flexibility, body weight exercises, and weight lifting to your weekly routine! Sports and activities are better when you are stronger, and when the conditions are Epic, we want you to be ready! Bring your water bottle and be prepared to work! 60 minutes.

Saturday Sessions

Saturday Sessions will be a terrific start to your weekend. This class challenges all ability levels with fun, creative formats varying from week-to-week. 75 minutes.

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