Ski Conditioning
4 weeks, 8 Sessions, 16 Spots
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Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:30pm beginning November 26th

Epic Fitness Center

Epic Fitness Center small group class

Small Group Exercise Classes

Group exercise classes at Epic Fitness Center utilize functional movements — movements that incorporate more than one muscle group, plane of movement, and joint — with a basis in the biomechanics of real-world situations. These classes are designed and taught in such a way that accommodates a wide range of existing individual fitness, flexibility and strength.

Ski Conditioning

With fresh snow on the ground, trails getting groomed, and avy conditions in the inboxes, one of our most popular classes, Ski Conditioning, will be starting back up on Monday and Wednesday evenings, at 5:30pm beginning Monday, November 26th.

Whether you ride a snowboard, fat skis or prefer nordic, this small group exercise class is dedicated to building the stability, strength, power and mobility necessary for a strong and successful winter season in the mountains.

Drop in for $22 per class or participate as part of your monthly membership.


Body weight challenges, high intensity (HIIT), short rests and a team approach make this class super fun, super safe, and super satisfying. Bring a towel and prepare to sweat! For those of you looking for an alternative to CrossFit, this is the small group exercise class for you. And, if you are just getting back into it, don’t fear, we offer modifications and regressions to all exercises, to make this an approachable class for first timers too! 60 minutes.

Type-2 Fun

Anything goes in this high-energy training class, which combines cardiovascular circuit, HIIT, core stabilization, and body-weight strength training for an invigorating, total body workout. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a hard-core competitor, this class will challenge you to push your limits. 60 minutes.

Epic Lite

Fun and fitness collide in this low-impact small group exercise class designed to increased balance, coordination, strength and cardiovascular endurance. Our instructor will lead you through gentle, dynamic exercises in a very small group setting, creating a more personalized fitness experience. If you are just starting your fitness journey or a looking for a lower intensity full body workout, this class is for you! All ages and abilities welcome. Limited to 4 participants. 45 minutes.

Dealer’s Choice

Our Saturday classes rotate between instructors. Pick the instructor you know or show up for whatever the day may bring. It's the dealer's choice. Classes will all follow a similar structure, from warmup to cool down, but the mode, be it cycling, circuits, or vinyasas, will change a bit. Class level will vary by participant’s experience and will always be accessible to all levels. Grab a friend and get your weekend workout in! 45 minutes.

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