Ski Conditioning
4 weeks, 8 Sessions, 16 Spots
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Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:30pm beginning November 26th

Epic Fitness Center

Epic Fitness Center Yoga Classes


Yoga teaches techniques to focus and relax, develops balance and coordination, links breath and movement, builds resilience and grit — skills to live a more healthy, relaxed, and balanced life. Epic Fitness Center Yoga Classes compliment an everyday and active life.

Thug Yoga — Vinyasa Yoga Practice

Shavasa what? Skip the sanskrit, the chakras, the chanting. Flow through a of combination of dynamic and static stretches, increasing range of motion, developing balance and focusing the mind. Thug yoga is a dynamic, upbeat workout to pump you through your day. 60 minutes.

Yoga for Every Body — Foundational Hatha Yoga Practice

Balance strength and flexibility by working along the entire kinetic chain. If you can't touch your toes, feel inflexible, or are just beginning or re-entering your fitness journey, this class is for you. An all-levels functional movement style of Hatha yoga, the intention of this practice is to improve overall body and breath awareness while coordinating core and breath function. Movements are intended to build muscle memory and balance joint stability/mobility with an increased range of motion, pivotal for injury mitigation. 60 minutes.

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