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Epic Athletics

Epic Athletics Performance and Cycling Studio Yoga Classes


Yoga teaches techniques to focus and relax, develops balance and coordination, links breath and movement, builds resilience and grit — skills to live a more healthy, relaxed, and balanced life. Epic Athletics Performance and Cycling Studio Yoga Classes compliment an everyday and active life.

Weekend Unwind — Restorative Sunday Night Yoga Class

Through the use of props and longer holds in comfortable poses, restorative yoga is intentionally designed to support healing, sequentially inviting the whole body into relaxation. This class is ideal for all levels, and especially beneficial for those recovering from injury or anyone looking to relax. Timed perfectly on Sunday evening to allow you to unwind from the weekend. 60 minutes.

Yoga for Every Body — Foundational Hatha Yoga Practice

Realign and refocus, flow, flex, and hold. This all-levels Hatha practice will stretch, lengthen and strengthen muscles across the body; balancing asymmetries while building mental and physical grit; developing core strength and warming from the inside. 60 minutes.

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