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Epic Athletics

Indoor Cycling Class at Epic Atheltics Performance and Cycling Studio

Indoor Cycling

No matter what you call it, your Soul will be on fire and your legs will be spinning when you take an Indoor Cycling class in our studio. USA Cycling certified instructors lead you on a 45-minute ride that includes hills, sprints, spin-ups and strength moves. Get ready for a total body workout. Our RealRyder stationary bicycles challenge your core and our creative staff of fitness professionals have found awesome ways to include your upper body in each session. Water bottle and sweat towel required.

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Epic Athletics Performance and Cycling Studio Group-X Functional Movement Exercise Classes



Body weight challenges, high intensity (HIIT), short rests and a team approach make this class super fun, super safe, and super satisfying. Bring a towel and prepare to sweat! (However, for those of you just getting back into it, don’t fear, we offer modifications and regressions to all exercises, to make this an approachable class for first timers, too!) 60 minutes.

Mindful Burn

Prepare to be challenged with Mindful Burn! Each class focuses on strengthening and lengthening the body with specific cues aimed at complete integration of mind to muscle! The Mindful Burn is an alignment focused class that draws from multiple disciplines such as: strength training, functional fitness, calisthenics, Pilates, barre and yoga. Learn how to sharpen your awareness and use breath to create a deeper muscular contraction allowing for a more focused and efficient fitness experience! Open to all fitness levels and abilities, the Mindful Burn is designed to meet you where you are at with both high and low impact options! Come to have fun, prepare to be challenged! 60 minutes.

Breakfast Club

Get your early-morning sweat on! This small group series focuses on strength, endurance, dynamic exercise, functional training, and injury prevention to compliment road cycling, trail running, and all the other fun projects we take on outside in the mountains during summer. Class from 6:00 - 7:15am Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Midday Shakeout

This class is designed to be the perfect compliment for every body on any day! Sessions last 30 minutes, come for one or stay for both! There’s no need for fancy equipment or clothes, students are welcome in business casual or just off of the ski hill. Each session will focus on stretching, lengthening and relaxing the body; rest assured, you will be able to return to your day rejuvenated, rested and relaxed. This class is a sweat-free zone! Access Midday Shakeout at no added costs with an unlimited annual or monthly membership. Or purchase individual access. Pricing options.

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Kids Welcome at Epic Athletics Performance and Cycling Studio Big/Little Workouts

Big/Little Workout (KW)

What’s a Big/Little Workout? And what the heck does KW mean?

KW to us means “kids welcome”. These classes are designed for mamas and papas (the bigs) with their little(s) side-by-side. Bring along your mini-me, and he or she can be integrated into our programming! Nothing like doing pushups next to your 4-year-old! KW classes may or may not have mini’s in them, so those of you without minis, you’re welcome too, just be ready for some high volume action during your class! 60 minutes.

In our KW programs, Mas and Pas are in charge of their mini’s for safety and participation. If you bring a sleeping babe in a car seat, that’s great too! No jogging strollers please, though our space is somewhat limited. Our Big/Little classes have a class size limit of 8 bigs with 1 or 2 littles each to keep our instructors and participants safe!

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Epic Athletics Performance and Cycling Studio Yoga Classes


Weekend Unwind

Through the use of props and longer holds in comfortable poses, restorative yoga is intentionally designed to support healing, sequentially inviting the whole body into relaxation. This class is ideal for all levels, and especially beneficial for those recovering from injury or anyone looking to relax. Timed perfectly on Sunday evening to allow you to unwind from the weekend. 60 minutes.

Yoga for Every Body

Take some time to realign and refocus. This all-levels Hatha practice will stretch, lengthen and strengthen muscles across the body; balancing asymmetries while building mental and physical grit. 60 minutes.

Yoga for Mama

Making a human being can be hard enough, Mama. So come soothe any prenatal aches, pains or maybe just a frazzled brain, with us! This 60 minute class focuses on gentle and relaxing postures aimed at finding ease in the effort, preparing both mind and body for the big day! This restorative practice is equally appropriate for Mamas and expecting Mamas alike.

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Epic Athletics Performance and Cycling Studio Open Gym free studio time

Open Gym

Work Out on Your Own

Wanna drop in on your own and be your own boss? Open gym is your solution! Come in and work out on your own. Pull-up bars, TRX, free weights, kettlebells, rowing machines, plyo boxes, jump ropes, Swiss and Bosu balls are all available for use in our functional space.

Open Gym hours are Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 4pm - 6pm, Friday 12pm - 2pm.

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